Wonder Fauna is a multi-disciplinary programme devoted to the conservation of local wildlife (more information is available on the Wonder Fauna tab). It should be noted that Kelsa Photographie is working in close collaboration with the Bioparc Genève on the Wonder Fauna project.
Magazine Wonder Fauna
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Pollution, pesticides, climate change, contaminated sites … many factors are contributing to the decline of the ecosystem. To our great shame, biological diversity is suffering and under serious threat. One-third of the animal and plant species studied in Switzerland are in danger! But these problems also have an effect on our health and our well-being. And the ultimate irreversible losses are immeasurable.

In creating this magazine, Samantha Keller draws our attention to the incalculable value of biodiversity in Switzerland. This passionate and experienced photographer provokes your attention and invites you to share in this battle. She takes you to the heart of the present situation which demands long-term and effective solutions.

Focus on local wildlife —
A real tool for raising awareness about defending biodiversity

Wonder Fauna, is more than simply a 104-page magazine presenting fauna and flora. This publication includes twelve interviews conducted with specialists, a preface written by Dr Philippe Roch, former Swiss Secretary of State for the Environment, and an epilogue by the famous primatologist Dr Jane Goodall. Two contributions were also written by members of Wonder Fauna: Guillaume Thébault, a young man awarded a prize by Greenpeace for his film “Future d’espoir” [Future of Hope] together with Gael Charreau graduate in Environmental Science (DEUST).
The objective of this publication is to report on the present situation carried out through interviews conducted with specialists (for example, Dr Edward Mitchell, biologist at the Federal Office for the Environment and the IUCN) on the broad issues confronting Switzerland on the subject of animal biodiversity. For example, which matters are affecting local wildlife? Should we grant the same impact to all causes? What does Switzerland propose to do to tackle environmental problems? Is the effect of these problems worsening?And then, how can we as citizens contribute?

You are provided with information on numerous subjects: contaminated sites, pesticides, invasive species, light pollution, habitat loss, etc. You will learn more about how to act to conserve local wildlife. Take the opportunity to view the beautiful accompanying photographs of wildlife and nature taken by Kelsa Photographie. More than sixty photographs have been carefully selected.

A magazine for everyone
The magazine Wonder Fauna is intended for a wide audience: those concerned by local wildlife, ecologists, tourists, businesses, researchers, teachers, students and including children. With Wonder Fauna, you will delve into the environment of nature and local wildlife.
Wonder Fauna is certainly a magazine not to be missed. By purchasing it, you support the entire Wonder Fauna project, take a step towards a better world and bring hope for biodiversity. For each sale, two francs will be donated to supporting the environmental projects of the Swiss institution Jane Goodall and those of the Bioparc Genève Foundation.
Language: English
Content: 104 pages
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